Where in Austria is this?



The Heldenberg Memorial is an open-air pantheon in the grounds of the castle at Kleinwetzdorf, Heldenberg, Lower Austria, in the district of Hollabrunn, in the Weinviertel region. It houses busts and statues of Austrian rulers and military personnel and was set up in 1849 by Joseph Gottfried Pargfrieder, a major supplier to the imperial army, who claimed to be an illegitimate son of Emperor Joseph II.

Joseph Radetzky von Radetz, the Austrian Army Field Marshal and national hero, died on January 5, 1858 after an accident in Milan. On January 19, 1858, he was buried in Heldenberg. The Emperor wished that he be buried in the Capuchin crypt in Vienna, however, Radetzky had bequeathed his earthly remains, and the right to bury him, to Joseph Gottfried Pargfrieder, who decades earlier had settled Radetzky's debts. Radetzky lies buried under a monumental obelisk, next to Field Marshal Maximilian von Wimpffen and Pargfrieder himself.

Nearby is also an authentic recreation of a neolithic village, built on the site of one of the oldest known settlements in the region. It depicts what life was like in the stone age.

If you have not visited this part of Lower Austria, we recommend it as a rewarding and educational day-trip from Vienna and other areas of Lower Austria.